Preparation Workshop Manual now Online!

In the months before the last few international events, ISHA Budapest has been running the so-called ‘Preparation Workshop’ which gives the participants of their section to practice their papers in English in front of an audience before going to the international events. Since ISHA Budapest is organising the upcoming New Year’s Seminar (for which you can still apply until Sunday at midnight via this link:…/1FAIpQLScRDFuFAhx88IbDp…/viewform…), the time seemed right to publish a manual on how to organise these events in your own sections which can now be found the website under the section ‘Manuals and Templates’.

The ‘Preparation Workshop’ is a very good opportunity to get the word out about ISHA at your university and practice your paper/presentation before going to Budapest!


Application period for ISHA New Year’s Seminar has started!

Application period for the New Year’s Seminar has started today (25/10/2016) and will run until midnight on the 30th of October! The Seminar takes place in Budapest from 9 to 15 January 2017 on the subject of ‘Xenophobia and Solidarity’. This is a great opportunity to spend a week in lovely Budapest getting to know other young historians!

Before you apply, make sure that you have double checked the workshop descriptions and then send in your applications here!


What’s going with the Sections: Local Events!

For the past few weeks, the ISHA International Facebook page has been sharing some local activities organised by the Member and Observer Sections. They will also feature on the website every few weeks to give our visitors an impression of what kind of activities a local section can organise. They can now be found under ‘Local Events’, which is now part of the ‘Events Section’.