ISHA 2017: NY Seminar in Budapest is a terrific start to the New Year!

During the New Year’s Seminar in Budapest last week, several of the ISHA International Officials met and discussed some of the upcoming plans for the rest of the working year and Lilla Zámbó was officially confirmed by the GA as our new acting president! We look forward to a very productive ISHA year in 2017!

The Acting President (left) and some of the International Officials at the NY Seminar in Budapest (right)

The GA in Budapest made some important decisions. Ever wondered what happens at a GA? And what has been discussed at passed ones? Take a look at the document section which has everything you need to know!

The GA in action in Budapest

The next upcoming international event is the Annual Conference in Eger, Hungary. More details will soon be shared!


Resignation of ISHA President 2016/2017

Dear sections,

we regret to inform you that Benjamin Harding, president of ISHA International, handed in his resignation from the presidency on the 6th of January 2017 for health reasons. Please find enclosed his official resignation that the International Board of ISHA accepted today. We would like to inform you that in accordance with Section 3 Article 12 of the Standing Orders of ISHA “if a position becomes vacant, the International Board may provisionally appoint a replacement, subject to confirmation by the next GA”. The IB met in an emergency session with the Council this evening, on the 6th of January, and appointed Lilla Zámbó as acting president; the second vice-presidency will remain vacant for the rest of the term. Due to this emergency situation, we would like to kindly ask your understanding and confirmation of this replacement officially on the next GA of ISHA that will take place on Friday, 13th of January 2017. The IB and Council of ISHA would like to insure you that this change of positions will not affect the life and activity of our association. For this reason, we would like to ask you to inform your representative members who are going to be present on the GA of the New Year’s Seminar in Budapest to confirm this and help us to get ISHA back on track. Thank you very much for your trust and help!


The IB of ISHA for the term 2016/17