Attend the New Year’s Seminar as a Freelancer!

Message from ISHA Budapest:

We have already heard from many of you that you would like to participate in the ISHA – International Students of History Association‘s New Year Seminar in Budapest as a freelancer so that you could meet old friends, get new ones, polish your skills and build new academic relationships too – which made us really happy.
We also intend to be as open as possible to those international students who study in Hungary, would like to attend the event, but did not have the chance to apply for or was not enrolled to the seminar. If any of these descriptions fit you, just fill in the application form specifically formulated for the so-called ‘freelancers’. The application is open from 9 November until 5 December.

ISHA Annual Conference to take place in Eger, Hungary in April 2017!

Dear All,

Two weeks ago we, the International Board and Council, were informed that the 2017 AC in Strasbourg had been canceled. To this end, we sent out a call for sections to step in and take on this event.

The deadline for this has now passed and we can confirm that we confer the status of international seminar on the Eger AC pending approval by the GA in Budapest.

We would like to send our warmest thanks and congratulations to ISHA Eger, we all owe them tremendous gratitude. Thank you also, to all those sections that have agreed to provide assistance. The hour is late, and it will take a concerted effort to make the conference the success it deserves to be.

Please still discuss and consider within your sections any way you could provide assistance to the Eger team. I am sure that any help will always be welcome.

Kindest regards
Ben Harding
On behalf of the International Board and Council.


Dear All,

I am writing to inform you that unfortunately the proposed annual conference at Strasbourg 2017 will not be taking place.

While this is regrettable, we have our eyes on the future. We are optimistic that if we come together as an association, we can find a solution and a replacement.

To this end, we are issuing a call to you, the sections, for your applications to host this event.

The Annual Conference should take place between April and May.

Organisers should aim to provide a minimum of 60 places and allocate time for General Assembly (2 for every member section and 1 for every observer section).

Bear in mind, if you are considering stepping into the breach and taking over this event, you are not alone. We are an international organisation, and I have no doubt that you will receive help, advice and support from across the breadth of ISHA.

We, the International Board and Council are willing to provide our full backing to such a section – this will include the potential for financial support as well.

The AC is the cornerstone of the ISHA Official Year. It is the only event with a compulsory General Assembly – and it is the event at which we are to hold elections for the next term. It is of absolute importance that we come together to find a replacement.

Discuss this among your sections, contact neighbouring sections – there is no reason that the Annual Conference has to be organised by a single section.

And if you find that your section is unable to host this event, please consider what assistance you could provide. This could be in the form of fundraisers, offers to lead workshops, offers to help with the logistics etc. I am sure any kind of assistance would be welcome.

Because time is in short supply, please contact us at by midnight on Sunday November 20th with any applications or offers to help.

And finally, though the time is short, this is an opportunity for us to show what we are capable of achieving as an organisation. We are greater together than the sum of our parts – let’s show the world what Historians can do.

Kind Regards

International Board and Council.