Upcoming Events

Here you can find all details about the upcoming international seminars and conferences, organized by ISHA sections.


Annual Conference 2017

Place: Eger, Hungary
Date: 17 – 23 April 2017
Subscription time: 11-19 February 2017
Topic: Religion in History


Summer Seminar 2017

Place: Helsinki, Finland
Date: 24/25 – 30 July 2017
Subscription time: to be announced
Topic: Historical Consciousness

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Autumn Seminar 2017

Place: Sofia, Bulgaria
Date: 11 – 16 September 2017
Subscription time: to be announced
Topic: Money in History


Regional Seminar 2017

Place: Maribor, Slovenia
Date: 26 – 29 October 2017
Subscription time: to be announced
Topic: Ottomans and the Balkans


New Year’s Seminar 2018

Place: Zagreb, Croatia
Date: to be announced
Subscription time: to be announced
Topic: to be announced

1292861_617210841676880_1835868947_o12108749_1062396537181979_7960481526916177306_n Annual Conference 2018

Place: Maribor, Slovenia
Date: 2-8 April 2018
Subscription time: to be announced
Topic: Modernisation and History