History Students the Netherlands (Studenten Geschiedenis Nederland, SGN)

Logo SGNThe Students of History the Netherlands (Studenten Geschiedenis Nederland, SGN) is an umbrella organization for all students that study History at Dutch universities. The members of SGN are study associations for History students from every Dutch university that has a History department: Utrecht, Groningen, Amsterdam, VU Amsterdam, Leiden, Nijmegen and Rotterdam.

The SGN aims to ensure national cooperation between all different history students associations. Every year the Studenten Geschiedenis Nederland-dag (Students of History the Netherlands-day) is organized: a day for history students from all universities. The programme is combines educational historical activities and socializing activities and this day stimulates contacts between the different universities. Also, every year a national boards meeting is organized in which we share information about our internal organization, developments within our universities and interesting activities for students from other cities.

Some of the Dutch history students associations are members of ISHA by themselves. To connect all Dutch history studies with ISHA, the SGN has now started to cooperate with ISHA as well.

Website: www.studentengeschiedenisnederland.nl

Contact: bestuur.sgn@gmail.com