Canterbury Branch of Historical Association

Logo_HAThe Historical Association is a UK membership organisation for all levels of history: professional and enthusiast. Membership enables individuals and groups to access historical information from a broad range of sources, including local meetings and talks, regional and national events, publications and regularly updated web resources.

Set up in 1906 to support the study and enjoyment of history we are an independent charity incorporated by Royal Charter. Funding comes entirely from membership, publishing and donation. We have over 5500 full members a further 3000 associate branch members and more than 20000 registered online users. The HA is the major national organisation representing the case for an historical education to policy makers and ministers.

There are over 50 local branches across the UK who meet regularly and have active speaker programmes for members and non-members. Our members range from school children to the retired – only an interest in history is a requirement to join. On a national level we support teachers, academics, academic and school studies and professionals in the heritage sector. We represent our member’s interests to other historical bodies, on government committees and in the public arena. We hold regular surveys to garner our member’s views and concerns as well as holding face to face events.

In 2013 at the instigation of our members from schools, colleges and universities we held a robust campaign over concerns regarding the proposed changes to the curriculum for history and succeeded in getting a rewrite on the content. We are a regular source of information for the media, with an active and developing social media platform. For an organisation of over 100 years old we like to be up to date.

As an organisation we provide training events, CPD courses, forums, lesson resources, and historical scholarship. We created and manage the only cross sector committee on public history, attended by historians, academics, education managers, NGO’s, archives and public bodies. As part of our work with teachers and schools we have an annual in-depth survey on the condition and attitudes to the teaching of history in schools (from state, to private). We are the only history organisation or subject teacher representing body to do this. Those surveys have become a source of influence to Parliamentary debates, policy makers and the media.

There a variety of ways to get involved with us and it’s up to each individual as to how active or not they want to be.

Website: Canterbury Branch 

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