CLIOH-WORLD is a new Erasmus Network. It is based on the findings of several previous projects. It intends to take an important further step towards increasing the critical understanding – on the part of European students and citizens in general – of Europe’s past, present and future and its role in the wider world. The underlying motive is to fight xenophobia at its base, encouraging an inclusive European citizenship by providing the necessary tools for learners of all ages.

The main goals of previous European History Network projects (CLIOH, CLIOHnet, CLIOHnet2, CLIOHRES) have been to improve the understanding of national histories as they are studied, taught and learned in European universities. We have emphasised putting into contact and creating links between national historical narratives, preparing tools and materials to structure history programmes that can make learners aware of how national historical viewpoints have been created, and how and why they may contrast with the beliefs and understandings about history in neighbouring countries.

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As the CLIOH networks were not prolonged and thus unfortunately do not exist anymore, there is no further cooperation possible. Perhaps in the future they might be revived, with the possibility of continuing our cooperation.