Sections, More and More Sections: ISHA is expanding!

In recent months, we have been luck to welcome several new sections to ISHA International, as well as welcome back an inactive section! We are very happy with the growth we have seen during this last year and if you are interested in starting your own section, take a look here and see how you can get involved!


ISHA Sarajevo:

We are happy that a new section has been established in Bosnia and Herzegovina and look forward to meeting the members of ISHA Sarajevo at one of the international events! In the meantime, have a look at their Facebook-page!

ISHA Kaliningrad:

KAl 1

With the creation of ISHA Moscow, just a few months ago, and now ISHA Kaliningrad, we are glad to see ISHA spread to a new country and we really hope that the members of ISHA Kaliningrad enjoyed their first ISHA event in Lausanne! Make sure that you follow them on social media as well!


ISHA Belgrade:

Finally, sometimes sections who have been inactive, can come back to life and so we happily announce the re-emergence of ISHA Belgrade (Klub Studenata Istorije Beograd). ISHA Belgrade was once known as the Students of History Club Belgrade (ISHA Belgrade) and was officially founded on May 23rd, 2007, in the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Belgrade. The last event they organized was the ISHA New Year Seminar in 2011, but soon the section died out. Now, we can welcome them back again, so check out their their website and like them on Facebook!



ISHA Extra Seminar in Lausanne

Days 1 & 2:

For three days participants were discussing issues about the (de)construction of Europe. After the tasty dinner and ice-breaking pub visits yesterday, we had wonderful discussions today.

We visited the archive of the Jean Monet Foundation and discussed about perceptions of Europe in different countries. We continued with an exciting workshop about Switzerland and its relationship about the European Union.

Laus 1Lasu 2

Day 3:

The last day of the Lausanne Seminar is over and most of the participants are on their way home already.
Thursday’s workshop sessions were very interesting and highly productive. In order to activate our braincells even more, several sport activities were provided in the afternoon. Later our efforts were rewarded with another delicious dinner (homemade Paella).
The next morning the academic program was closed by Bernhard Altermatt who gave us a lecture about Euroscepticism at the Foundation Jean-Monnet pour l’Europe.
Later that day we had a guided city tour through the astounding old town.


We’re thanking ISHA Lausanne for the amazing organization and this wonderful Seminar!





Apply now for the ISHA Autumn Seminar in Sofia!

The application period for the Autumn Seminar in Sofia has officially started and you can apply until Tuesday! Do you want to learn more about money (and history)? Have a look at the workshops below or on ISHA Sofia‘s website before you fill in the application!

The Autumn Seminar runs from 11-17 September and the topic is Money and History. The participation fee is 80 euros and there is room for 40 participants. The following workshops are offered by ISHA Sofia:

Trade and trade routes
Informal economy
Economic systems and theory
The “hidden factor”
Entrepreneurship in history
PhD Workshop

Do not forget to apply and see you in Sofia!