ISHA Extra Seminar in Lausanne

Days 1 & 2:

For three days participants were discussing issues about the (de)construction of Europe. After the tasty dinner and ice-breaking pub visits yesterday, we had wonderful discussions today.

We visited the archive of the Jean Monet Foundation and discussed about perceptions of Europe in different countries. We continued with an exciting workshop about Switzerland and its relationship about the European Union.

Laus 1Lasu 2

Day 3:

The last day of the Lausanne Seminar is over and most of the participants are on their way home already.
Thursday’s workshop sessions were very interesting and highly productive. In order to activate our braincells even more, several sport activities were provided in the afternoon. Later our efforts were rewarded with another delicious dinner (homemade Paella).
The next morning the academic program was closed by Bernhard Altermatt who gave us a lecture about Euroscepticism at the Foundation Jean-Monnet pour l’Europe.
Later that day we had a guided city tour through the astounding old town.


We’re thanking ISHA Lausanne for the amazing organization and this wonderful Seminar!






Apply now for the ISHA Autumn Seminar in Sofia!

The application period for the Autumn Seminar in Sofia has officially started and you can apply until Tuesday! Do you want to learn more about money (and history)? Have a look at the workshops below or on ISHA Sofia‘s website before you fill in the application!

The Autumn Seminar runs from 11-17 September and the topic is Money and History. The participation fee is 80 euros and there is room for 40 participants. The following workshops are offered by ISHA Sofia:

Trade and trade routes
Informal economy
Economic systems and theory
The “hidden factor”
Entrepreneurship in history
PhD Workshop

Do not forget to apply and see you in Sofia!


Summer Seminar in Helsinki: All you need to know!

The ISHA Summer Seminar 2017 will take place in Helsinki this year. With the application starting tonight at 23.59, here is everything that you need to know before sending in your application!

Basic information

The seminar will take place from July 24 until 29 and the maximum number of participants is 40. The participation fee is 100€. The fee includes accommodation, meals, academic and free time activities such as an excursion to city of Turku to meet the local ISHA Section. It might even include tickets to Helsinki internal public transport, please see below for details.


  1. Historical Consciousness in Education
    Leaders: Johanna Norppa and Tanja Taivalantti
  2. Historical Consciousness in Culture and Media
    Leaders: Miran Hamidulla and Petri Savolainen
  3. Historical Consciousness in Place
    Leaders: Ted Hellsten and Atte Koreneff
  4. Historical Consciousness in Politics
    Leaders: Onni Kari and Leonard Wilhelmus
  5. PhD Workshop
    Leaders: Sanna Supponen and Ilkka Kärrylä


Helsinki programme

The opening and closing ceremonies will take place in Kamppi district (Urho Kekkosen katu 4-6) near the university. The keynote speaker in the opening ceremony will be a MP and former Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja with a PhD in Political History. The closing ceremony will have a panel discussion on historical consciousness. Panelists will be professional historians from University of Helsinki.

TheGeneral Assembly will take place in Urho Kekkosen katu 4-6 on Friday 28th July at 12pm-3pm.
Application period

The application period starts today 17th May at 23.59 UTC+3 until 21st May at UTC+3 (i.e. Finnish summer time) Please see the ISHA Helsinki website starting on May 17th. ISHA Helsinki will also add a link to the application form on Facebook later today!