Other officials


Dorottya Bartha
(ISHA Budapest)
20953824_10154883611888601_8177581903017266831_nI’m Dorottya from ISHA Budapest, and I’m finally finishing my MA in Cultural Heritage Studies. I officially joined ISHA three summers ago, and since then it is an important part of my life. During the last two terms I was the vice-president of ISHA Budapest and I’ve already made few of our leaflet and posters and managed our hompage etc.
So now it’s time to work not just for my beloved section but the whole ISHA. During this term, I hope I will have the opportunity to work on ISHA’s ‘visibility’ and design so we could be super professional not only in the matter of the academic skills and qualities.

Contact: carnival@isha.international

Ryan Glauser
(ISHA Berlin)
My name is Ryan and I hail from the Land of Trump (I’m expecting a name change any day now), but luckily escaped to Europe before the walls went up. I’m entering my second year of the Global History M.A. at Free University Berlin. My research focus is Cold War Europe, specifically the Germanys, and its role within the world.
Last year, I joined ISHA and attended the Budapest New Year Seminar. As expected, this is my first position in ISHA. This term will be spent publishing and working with authors who wish to submit articles to Carnival. If you have any questions or concerns about publishing articles, writing academically in English, or possibly getting some editing experience with Carnival, please contact me and we can work out any issues or concerns that you may have.
I await your articles and see you around the seminars this year!

Contact: archive@isha.international

Bianca Vassileva
(ISHA Sofia)

my name is Bianca and I am currently doing a PhD in Ancient History, with a focus on the Balkans under the Antonine emperors. I joined my local section ISHA Sofia back in 2016, and got “hooked” after attending the wonderful “Historians at work” seminar in Berlin that same year. I did one term as my section’s PR manager, and am currently its webmaster.
As a history organization, ISHA should have an accessible, organized archive of its past, and I will do my best to work in that direction. So far it has been amazing to explore ISHA’s history and evolution and I am sure the best is yet to come!