International Board


Lucija Balikić (ISHA Zagreb)
20729300_10154859439643601_5204731199733909294_nMy name is Lucija and I am currently enrolled in a MA program in Contemporary History (19th and 20th century) at the University of Zagreb. So far, involvement in ISHA was one of the best experiences of my life. It offered me a glimps into the academic world, a chance to discuss the topics that I find interesting among my peers and because of ISHA – I created a lifelong friendships with history students from all over Europe and beyond.
The greatest value of ISHA lays in its ability to create networks of future historians and possibly policy-makers. That is why I am more than pleased to contribute to ISHA by maintaining and improving its structure and overall orientation.
My job is to overlook and coordinate the work of different committees and officials, as well as to represent ISHA at certain external events. Thank you once again for trusting me with this delicate task and I look forward to working for ISHA during the upcoming academic year.


Miriam Eisleb (ISHA Berlin)
20840991_10154862866373601_2197019217152880311_nMy name is Miriam (24) and I am currently doing my master degree in history at the HU in Berlin and an Erasmus in Vienna until next semester. Now, that I have completed one year as secretary I know how ISHA works and hope to use that for my term as Vice-President. I wish to further improve the academic standard of ISHA and help ISHA run at its best. Please let me know if there is any issue that I can help you with or if you have ideas to help me succeed!
Much ISHA love, Miriam


Daniel Molnar (ISHA Budapest)
20842096_10154864182018601_1203075078279645024_nHello, my name is Daniel (26) and I am doing my PhD at the Eötvös Loránd University at Budapest, on the field of „Early modern Hungarian history”.
I joined ISHA more than three years ago, and it really became an important part of my life in different ways, I met with many great people and have friends all over Europe.
In the following year, I want to work on ISHA’s visibility, with creating new cooperations both with academic institutions and other student organizations, as well encouraging and helping common projects and cooperation between ISHA sections and our already existing partners. I also want to spread the „ISHA-spirit” with helping new sections to be born and existing ones to became bigger and better.
Feel free to contact me all the year, I hope that I can help you whatever is the question or problem. See you soon somewhere!


Tamara Pataki (ISHA Berlin)
20840928_10154866816533601_2974748813340582017_nHey dear ISHA People!
After being part of the Berlin section for two years I am excited to take over the office of the secretary. I am a third year History and Politics bachelor student at the Free University Berlin and just spent a year abroad at the University of Warwick. I am looking forward to continuing this intercultural experience as an ISHA official!
Feel free to contact me any time and I hope to see you on the next seminar!


Natasha Rieke (ISHA Marburg)
20841002_10154866821903601_6056794735291704174_nHey everyone!
My name is Tasha from ISHA-Marburg. My main subject is Ethnology Master of Arts. Since 2013 I am a member of ISHA Marburg and I am very glad to be your new treasurer. Feel free to contact me if you want to know about your payments or any other problems which involves money.