Domen Kodrič
(ISHA Maribor)
20901727_10154866867003601_1551077926316423732_oHello ISHA creatures, I’m back!
I’m back to serve you in my second term as Council member. I’ll be doing pretty much the same job as last year, meaning you’ll constantly be bothered with my ISHA International FB posts. I’m still slowly writing my master thesis and organising not one, but two ISHA seminars in Maribor (well one of them seems to be more of an annual conference), which isn’t speeding up the writing process at all.
See you sooner than you think…

Adam Tuković
(ISHA Osijek)
20953525_10154878727518601_5579181265999472910_nHi, my name is Adam (24) and I’m doing my last BA year at the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek. I’m mostly interested in the micro historical approach to the modernization processes that happened at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century. 
I’ve been a member of ISHA Osijek for the last 3 years and I can only say that it improved my study time significantly. The magic behind being a part of ISHA is that you can meet awesome people from other parts of Europe that share the same love as you do, and that’s history. You get an inside look of their education system, their approach to some big historical topics and of course you develop some friendships that you wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.
As a new member of the international council I’m still trying to find the tasks that would suit me the best and the field of work where I could contribute the most. As a member that’s been here for 3 years, I would like to improve the academic level of the seminars and see other sections emerge and the existing ones develop, because we all share the same goal, and that is to make ISHA great again.

Dorottya Bartha
(ISHA Budapest)
20953824_10154883611888601_8177581903017266831_nI’m Dorottya from ISHA Budapest, and I’m finally finishing my MA in Cultural Heritage Studies. I officially joined ISHA three summers ago, and since then it is an important part of my life. During the last two terms I was the vice-president of ISHA Budapest and I’ve already made few of our leaflet and posters and managed our hompage etc.
So now it’s time to work not just for my beloved section but the whole ISHA. During this term, I hope I will have the opportunity to work on ISHA’s ‘visibility’ and design so we could be super professional not only in the matter of the academic skills and qualities.

Alexandra Leonzini
(ISHA Berlin)
My name is Alex and I’m currently completing a joint Masters in Global History at Freie Universität Berlin and Humboldt Universität zu Berlin in Berlin, Germany, where I am writing a thesis on the politics and aesthetics of North Korean Revolutionary Opera. 
Having served as Editor-in-Chief of Carnival – Journal of the International Students of History Association in 2016/2017 I am already very familiar with the workings of ISHA’s IB and Council, and am incredibly excited to continue my wonderful ISHA journey as a Council Member!
For the next year I will be heading the PhD Committee, building ISHA’s PhD Network, and working to ensure that ISHA Seminars continue to meet the needs of our Postgraduate members. If you are a PhD student (or a Masters student intending to do one) and interested in how we can help you as you climb thesis mountain, please join our Facebook group and get in touch!
Not a day goes by without me thanking the heavens that I decided to attend the scary ISHA meet up in Paris and become a member of this association! You all fill my cold, dead Australian heart with such joy!
Much love and Viva ISHA!

Matej Samide
(ISHA Berlin)
20915092_10154866888803601_1960489488825269589_n My name is Matej and I am just finishing my MA in history at the HU Berlin. Hopefully a Ph.D. will follow, but that is not set in stone yet. ISHA has given me so much during the last years that I feel it is now time to give back. As a member of the council I will try to be as helpful as possible. Since I will be an alumni soon the alumni network will be my main focus. Hopefully this years alumni seminar, which will be the first of its kind, will be a success and kickstart a growing network for alumni and members of ISHA alike.

Tom Laber
(ISHA Graz)
20914168_10154878733538601_2180331331765380898_nDear ISHA creatures, colleagues & friends.
I’m in my last year of my MA in history (with the main focus on the era changing French Révolution from 1789) & I study MA “Global Studies”.
From my first unforgettable ISHA Autumn Seminar in Pula 2014, I had the chance, joy and enlightenment through several seminars, exchanges and visits within our growing universe of sections, to learn a lot about our different and common rich European history. Thankfully – most of the times via enriching personal contacts and discussions and not (only) via theory.
The last years I served my home section & great team of ISHA Graz in various positions. Maybe some of you can still remember our ISHA Graz 2015 Autumn Seminar or recently our IFISO Spring Meeting 2017.
Now I want to serve ISHA and it’s forever valid and needed idea of trying to understand & to understand each and other, with this experiences on our international level.
Don’t hesitate to talk to / contact me – You will have several occasions the upcoming ISHA year.
See Ya soon & VIVA ISHA !

Sophie Kühnlenz
(ISHA Berlin)
My name is Sophie and I’m studying Public History at Free University Berlin in my Master’s. Currently, I’m trying hard to finish my Master thesis… My first ISHA Seminar was in Zagreb in 2012. After participating in or organizing quite a few international ISHA events and three research stays in the US and Canada I finally convinced myself that my English proficiency should be sufficient to become a council member of ISHA.
I will focus on the topic of equality to make ISHA events fruitful and enjoyable for everyone and I wish to improve the academic standard of ISHA. Ideas, comments, critic on these issues? Let me know.
So here we go and cheers to another inspiring year of VIVA ISHA