Participate in an Event

Chilltime_Ljubljana 2014
Summer Seminar Ljubljana 2014

To attend an international ISHA event is the best way to get to know our association and take part in the ISHA experience. An it is easy, too!

There are at least four big international events each year: The New Year’s Seminar, the Annual Conference, the Summer and the Autumn Seminar. Often there are some additional seminars, which are shorter and/or smaller.

It is possible to apply, even when you are not part of any ISHA section. 

To attend an international ISHA event, you should have a look on this page. There you can find a list of all upcoming events.

To apply for a seminar is only possible during the stated subscription time and through the linked conference or seminar homepage. As each event is organized by a different section of ISHA, each application period and process is slightly different. The sections decide the critera for choosing participants as well. This can be for example: quality of motivation, precedence for first time participants or at least one member per section that applies.

If you are interested in a certain event, please contact the organizing section. They are happy to help you!

Annual Conference Canterbury, 2016