Found a Section

Founding a Section and thus becoming an official member of ISHA is easy!


First you can fill out and submit the individual membership form and become an ACTIVE or PASSIVE member of ISHA.

Then you can found an ISHA Section if you are either a student body or an informal group of people which represents students of historical science, related academic disciplines. ISHA welcomes all students who wish to contribute to the advancement of historical science via expertise in their own field of study, and strive to enlarge their reach among fellow students as well as to secure continuity.

ISHA allows only one section per city. In the case of more institutes of higher education within one city, the students are encouraged to work together to form one section. There might already be a section in your city! Have a look here!

Sections are completely free in choosing their way of organising themselves. They organise local events such as workshops, museum visits, trips and social events. Everything is possible, as long as it does not contradict the Statutes or Standing Orders of ISHA. You can find both documents here! 

Welcome to the International Students of History Association

This guide will show you how easy it is to become a part of the International Students of History Association, inform you about the members‘ duties and the structure of ISHA, and give some tips to start your new ISHA section.

You can fill in your section’s Contact details here.