Get Involved in ISHA

Getting involved in ISHA is easy! But sometimes its difficult to know where to start. 

Check for Section in your city

Are you from Budapest, or London? Rome or Helsinki? Check out if there is already an active section in your city!
You can write the local section, go to one of their meetings or join a social or cultural event!

 Logos- compliation

Participate in an International Event

The best way to learn what ISHA is all about is to join one of our events!  But a lot of people are unsure how one with no ties to ISHA (yet) can participate in an international events. Check it out here!

Found a Section

ISHA is not yet represented at your university, in your city or in your country at all? You want to change that! Great!

Here you find some valuable information what your first steps might be.


Organize an Event

One of the best things ISHA is doing is bringing together students from all over the world. Literally!
Here you can find some inspiration, guidelines and To-Dos if you and your section wants to organize an event in your hometown!