About ISHA

How was ISHA created?

Our roots lie in the year 1989, when the Iron Curtain which had divided Europe for over forty years, began to fall. In this climate of rapid political change a group of Hungarian students took the initiative and started contacting their colleagues in different countries. They wanted to found an association that would allow students of history to come into contact, cooperate and exchange ideas, something that had not been possible before.

On 9th of May 1990 ISHA was founded in Budapest with a large student conferece. Such events continue to be held every year, together with different kinds of smaller seminars, regional activities and projects. 1999 saw the first issue of ISHA’s academic journal, Carnival.

In later years, ISHA’s  International Secretariat was moved twice: first from the Hungarian capital to Leuven, Belgium, and later to Zurich, Switzerland, where it is still based today. After more than 20 years of existence, ISHA has members all over Europe.

Find out more about ISHA here!



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