Meet the New Officials: ISHA Webmaster 2016-2017 Elke Close


I’m Elke and I will be the webmaster for this year. This will be my second year as an official after being the secretary last year. It was a great experience and as much as I loved all of the paperwork (ahum) I wanted to help ISHA in a way this year that I could combine with my PhD in Classics at the University of Edinburgh (Ancient History is totally underrated) which I will be finishing this year. So if you have anything that needs to be on the website, Facebook or Twitter, don’t hesitate to contact me!



Meet the New Officials: Carnival Editor-In-Chief 2016-2017 Alexandra Leonzini.

G’day g’day, My name is Alex and I’m a member of ISHA Berlin/France. After a five month fellowship at l’EHESS in Paris, I am now at the tail end of a joint masters in Global History at Freie Univeristät Berlin and Humboldt Universität zu Berlin and excited to attack Carnival with the ferocity of an Australian drop bear on a tourist who hasn’t rubbed Vegemite behind their ears (you have to do this. Trust me, it’s the only way). I will be working closely with the speaker of the newly(ish) formed PhD Committee, Alexandre Faure (ISHA Paris), to ensure that Carnival continues to be a valuable tool for all members to develop their skills as scholars, editors, translators, and reviewers. I am currently working on new and improved style and editing guides, and should have the next Call for Papers out at the end of the month (so look out for that)! If you have anything you feel is worthy of publication (or you wish to get involved in the wonderful world of academic publishing), let me know! The more the merrier! Viva ISHA!



Meet the New Officials: ISHA Council Member 2016-2017 Tereza Lyčková.

I just started my Ph.D. programme in the Czech history at the Palacký University in Olomouc. I will focus on Early Modern Period, more specifically on a not very well know part of the Czech early modern historiography as well as early modern religious problems with regard to the Czech lands in that period. My life has been connected with ISHA for the last three years since we started our section in Olomouc. I will do my best in my work for ISHA and will help and support the IB as much as possible to make ISHA every greater than it is now. Viva ISHA!