Participation list and Freelancer Applications Annual Conference Eger

The application for the Annual conference in Eger can now be found by clicking here! Are you joining us? Additionally, the organisers also intend to be as open as possible to those international students who study in Hungary, would like to attend the event, but did not have the chance to apply for or were not enrolled to the conference. If any of these descriptions fit you, please fill in the following application form to the conference specifically formulated for the so-called ‘freelancers’. The application is open from 11 March until 25 March and can be found here.

But what does it exactly mean to be a “freelancer”?
It means that you are welcome to join to all the open academic programs. If you want to join one of the workshops: we can arrange that too, but in this case, please do write us a short motivation letter of 500 characters to explain the reasons of why you are interested in that specific workshop. The cultural and evening programs are also open to all freelancers!

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: you have to organize your own accommodation and you will have to pay for your meals and other expenses individually, but we recommend you to sleep and eat with the others. Please fill in the appropriate questions in the form if you want this solution. Alternatively, accommodation with the other participants can be provided for 3000 Ft/person/night (app. 10 Euro) The prices of the common meals are the following:
Breakfast at the accomodation: 600 Ft / day (app. 2 Euro)
Lunch at Eszterhazy restaurant (2 courses): 1000 Ft/ day (app. 3,33 Euro)
Dinner at the accomodation: 900 Ft/day (3 euro)

The organisers kindly ask that everyone checks their emails regularly, along with the ISHA Eger Facebook and Website, so that you do not miss the application period or any of the deadlines.
If you have any questions, please contact us at or on Facebook.


ISHA Alumni Weekend

The Alumni Committee is pleased to announce that an Alumni Reunion Weekend will take place in Berlin from October 6th until October 8th. The weekend will be organized for 30 Alumni; applications will open in May. So, save the date, we are excited to see you in Berlin in October!


As ISHA is a big and vibrant organisation with a history dating back to 1990. Since then many students have enjoyed the international experience, the academic challenges and the opportunities to improve their academic, organisational and social skills. Everyone who experienced the ISHA spirit at one point of her/his student life, will remember this time as an enriching and fruitful period.

The current ISHA Council did a survey about preferences of ISHA Alumni, about modes of communication amongst themselves and young ISHA members, which has shown that there is a great interest in joint meetings and an organisational structure ensuring the communication between ISHA Alumni and current ISHA members and that is what we are currently working on.

If you are an ISHA Alumni and want to participate in setting up an ISHA Alumni Society, please contact or check the Facebook page.

Updated version Carnival Vol. 17 now available!

The revised edition of Carnival Vol. 17 (2015) has just been finished and can be found on the website here. In addition to being reformatted, papers were re-referenced and language double checked to adhere to our current publishing standards. Thank you all for your patience and understanding, and congratulations once again to all contributors!